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Welcome to PerfectSATACT

As college admissions become more selective each year, it is becoming necessary for students to have higher ACT and SAT scores. For super-selective universities like the Ivy League, MIT, and Stanford, near perfect ACT or SAT scores are a requirement for applicants to have a chance at admissions.

PerfectSATACT helps students increase their chances at their dream colleges by teaching them ACT and SAT strategies developed by ACT or SAT perfect scorers. All PerfectSATACT instructors have scored a perfect score in either the ACT or the SAT and their experience has helped many students improve their scores and receive admission to selective universities including the Ivy League.

Why PerfectSATACT?

All PerfectSATACT instructors have scored a 36 on the ACT, 1600 on the New SAT, or 2400 on the old SAT. Our instructors have years of teaching experience and are effective in conveying the best test taking methods to our students.

PerfectSATACT values quality over quantity. We take only a handful of students and focus on them to get maximum results. We offer group classes for ACT and SAT prep as well as private tutoring packages for students preparing for the ACT, SAT, PSAT, SAT Subject Tests, or AP Exams.


  • PerfectSATACT’s instructors explains topics very effectively and don't hesitate to help if you're having any issues understanding a concept. They are very knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects.

    Alvin C.
  • The strategies taught in PerfectSATACT’s ACT course helped my son score top 1% on the ACT.

    Catherine D.
  • The tutors are very professional and focus on improving the student’s weak areas. Their teaching methods are very effective.

  • PerfectSATACT helped me achieve close to perfect scores on my SAT subject tests and multiple 5s on my AP exams.