SAT 1600 Prep Course

PerfectSATACT's online SAT 1600 Prep Course is a highly effective course developed by SAT perfect scorers. Using our proven strategies and expert instruction, some of our students have achieved perfect scores themselves. Our students' improved scores have helped them recieve admission to selective universities like the Ivy League.


We will teach you how to quickly and accurately extract essential information from passages. We will cover essential vocabulary and how to identify the meaning of a word from its context. These are skills not only useful for performing well on the SAT, but one that will prove useful throughout your university career.


You will be taught grammar and punctuation rules to fine-tune your ability to answer the usage and mechanics style questions. We will teach you how to read and analyze text critically to increase your accuracy and familiarity with rhetorical analysis style questions.


Students will learn math topics tested on the SAT such as algebra, geometry, counting and probability, and elementary number theory. You will be trained to maintain high accuracy while keeping within the time limits of the math section.

The course includes

24 hours of instruction + 24 hours of timed testing

Developed by SAT perfect scorers

Proven strategies for score improvement

6 practice SAT tests

Detailed review of all tests

Electronic materials provided with no additional cost

SAT 1600 Class Schedules